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Remodeling and Renewing Our Homes

When you decide to remodel, it’s important to know the difference between a remodel, renovation and restoration. Remodeling drastically changes a space such as tearing down walls and reconfiguring the floor plan.

Home remodeling is a huge commitment and can be costly. Taking the time to do your research and work with reputable contractors can make the process much smoother.


Although many homeowners, and even some professionals, use the terms “renovate” and “remodel” interchangeably, there is a difference. The main difference is that renovating typically consists of work that revamps the look and feel of a space but doesn’t change the structure or layout of the room or home. This includes re-painting, re-facing cabinets, installing new fixtures and finishes, and adding other items that refresh the existing materials.

Remodeling is the process of changing the overall design and layout of a room or home. This can be done by tearing down walls, expanding an existing room, or adding an entire new space to the house. Remodeling can also include work to the exterior of the house, such as adding a deck, building a walkway, or redoing the roof and gutters.

The biggest thing to consider when deciding between a renovation and a remodel is the return on investment. Generally, renovating is cheaper and less time-consuming than remodeling and may be the best option if you have a limited budget or need to move out of your home while the project takes place.

Renovating can also be used to add value to a home, especially before it is put on the market. For example, re-siding the house, adding new windows, and a fresh coat of paint can all be considered renovations that will boost the resale price of the property. However, if you are considering adding a three-season room to your home to create a entertainment area, this would be considered remodeling and would likely have a lower ROI.

It is important to note that, in general, a remodel will have a higher ROI than a renovation or restoration. This is because renovating and restoring are simply bringing something back to its original condition, while remodeling is actually making changes to the structure of the home or room. This could be the difference in getting the return on your investment that you were hoping for! If you have any questions about the difference between a renovation, restoration, or remodel, contact a home improvement specialist for help.


Remodeling can be a complex process as it requires changes to the structure of a building, including changing rooms, adding an addition or reconfiguring walls. Remodeling also needs the services of professional plumbers and electricians, making it more expensive than renovation or restoration.

Remodels can also take longer than a restoration or renovation because they require more work. A restoration of a room or office may take less time than remodeling a house or office that would include repainting walls and replacing old windows.

The satisfaction of completing home improvement projects inspired consumers to continue upgrading their homes, according to NAR research. In 2022, homeowners reported that they continued to renovate for reasons such as increasing livability and personal enjoyment of their homes, improving safety, reducing energy costs, and updating outdated surfaces and materials.

HCR offers programs that can help pay for repairs that are essential to maintaining a safe and healthy living environment. Eligible scopes of work can include roofs, heating and cooling systems, hot water heaters, plumbing, electrical, sidewalks/paving, accessibility measures for seniors, and energy efficiency upgrades.