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Hiram’s Haul Sailing Instructions, Revision 1, Dated: October 16. 2018

As a result of the Melbourne location change, start and finishing of Hiram’s Haul has been modified in the Melbourne start and finish area. The race continues to be along the Indian River from the Eau Gallie causeway to Sebastian Riverpark on Oct 27-28, 2018. This revision is to identify and provide information for a new Start and Finish location on the Eau Gallie Causeway (Hiway 518), Melbourne, FL.

Boat trailers shall not be left in this parking area over night. Instead, boats must be prepared on site and have their trailers towed to another safe area. Those caring to do so, may have their trailers towed to Sebastian and placed in the overflow area directly across the street from Riverpark in Sebastian. The Eau Gallie boat ramp is a public boat ramp, so you will have some delays entering the water and once there may have trouble returning to shore for meetings etc.

We will plan to hold a competitors meeting early so each boat can prepare his own time line for prepping and launching for the race. The words below will describe schedules and the plan for the two starts and the second day finish.

Another important note:

Since the move to a new location is close to the Texas Roadhouse further east along Eau Gallie Boulevard, on the same Street as the causeway. The awards event will be held there on the porch deck. Arrangements will be discussed in the Competitors meeting.

Hiram’s Haul Sailing Instructions, as published on the sailseriespromtions.com web site; Paragraph 11. is modified as follows:

11. Day one will be a Water Start from along the south shore of the Eau Gallie Causeway (Hi way 518). The start and second day finish will be along the southside, east end of the causeway by the public boat ramp. There is a large parking area along the causeway, but it is busy in good weather. Boats will need to develop a time line to match the start times of 11AM (EDT) for no-spin boats; and 12AM (EDT) for Spin boats. A start line will be designated by a single Orange flag on shore in an opening in the shoreline shrubbery, for both starts and the second day finish. The Start line will be set and discussed in the competitors meeting at 9am (EDT). The RC will monitor the gathering of each class preparing for start. Multiple horn blast will indicate 6 minutes to start for each Class. The 5 minute sequence will follow.

All boats should consider a start line essentially south from the hoisted Orange flag on the shore. If a pin end object can be identified, it shall be considered. The course shall proceed westward approximately 100 feet from shore to a large sign in the water as the course approaches the ICW by the large ICW Bridge. The course will then turn south along the ICW. The RC will consider reasonable delays in starting based upon launch delays and boats in position. But when boats have had reasonable time for launching, the RC will begin the start sequences. First Signal using a Red Flag will be hoisted 5 minutes before start, for each start near the Orange Flag location. All boats racing in a class should gather in a loitering area near the start line indicating your readiness for start.

There is expected to be approximately 6 boats in each start. The signal location will be designated at the Competitors meeting held in the trailer parking area at 9 am on Oct 27th, 2018. There may be no pin mark for the start line, but boats are expected to be fairly grouped close, but, off shore from the Park. Gross early starts will be penalized 5 to 15 minutes based upon judgement and discretion of the RC, with no recourse by boats racing.

Finishing on Day two will use the same course returning and the same or similar finish line. A horn blast will signal as each boat passes the finish line.

The last line discussion of this paragraph in the published SI, on 1st day finish and second day Start in Sebastian, will remain as published.

Further descriptions and a new course chart will be provided at the competitors meeting, 9AM, Oct 27, 2018.

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