The Benefits of Hiring a Birth Injury Attorney

Atlanta Birth Injury Attorney helps families pursue financial compensation when a medical error causes an infant harm. They conduct thorough investigations, secure expert opinions, and gather evidence to build a strong case. They also manage all aspects of a legal claim and ensure that lawsuits are filed within the required time limits.

A birth injury attorney is an experienced legal professional who can help you receive compensation for your child’s medical needs after a preventable birth injury. They work to establish the four elements of a legal claim and negotiate with insurance companies for maximum damages. They also ensure that your settlement accounts for your family’s losses, including future care costs.

A good birth injury lawyer will begin with a free consultation and case review to assess your legal options. If they determine you have a claim, they will gather medical records and hire medical experts to examine them for malpractice. Once they have an expert opinion, they will prepare the case for filing. They will also handle communications with the medical providers’ insurers and depositions.

In most cases, a medical malpractice lawsuit is settled out of court. Doctors and hospitals typically have professional liability insurance policies covering negligence claims during delivery. Insurers will often try to pressure families into accepting less than their claim is worth. An experienced birth injury lawyer can help you avoid these pitfalls and negotiate a fair settlement.

The first step in a birth injury case is proving that negligence occurred during the birthing process. This can be accomplished through the use of medical records and hospital bills. Once this has been established, the legal team can then file a lawsuit against the defendants. These include the obstetrician and nurses involved in the delivery, as well as the hospital where the delivery took place.

To prove medical negligence, a birth injury lawyer will need to establish that the medical professional owed a duty of care and failed to meet this obligation. This includes establishing that the injury was caused by the medical professional’s actions or inaction, as well as demonstrating that this breach of duty resulted in harm to the patient.

A good birth injury lawyer will also help their clients enroll in the New York Medical Indemnity Fund. This fund covers a portion of a plaintiff’s lifetime care costs, and can be used to pay for things like home modification, equipment, and education.


A birth injury attorney with a good reputation can help you win your case. These attorneys have the experience and knowledge to handle complex medical cases. They also have access to medical experts and a large network of resources. They will work tirelessly to obtain the maximum amount of compensation for your child’s injuries. They will also make sure that all deadlines are met and all paperwork is filed correctly.

Whether you’re seeking financial compensation for your child’s disability or to replace lost wages, it’s essential to hire a birth injury lawyer. They will review your case and determine if you have a valid claim against the medical professional or hospital who caused the injury. They will then file a lawsuit on your behalf and negotiate with the insurance company. If a settlement cannot be reached, the case will go to trial.

A successful lawsuit will require establishing that the defendant owed a duty of care to the plaintiff. This is usually done through the testimony of medical experts who can testify about the standard of care in the field. They will provide their opinions based on medical cases, formal studies, and the accepted practices in the medical community.

Once they have established that the medical professionals involved owe a duty of care, your lawyer will establish that these medical professionals failed to meet this standard in the circumstances of the case. This is known as negligence. They will then demonstrate that the failure to follow this standard resulted in damages, including a loss of quality of life, loss of earnings, and future medical expenses.

The vast majority of medical malpractice cases settle outside of court. These settlements are typically less expensive and faster than taking a case to trial. However, it’s important to note that a medical malpractice lawsuit is a risky and stressful process for everyone involved. It can take years to get a verdict from a jury, and there is always the possibility that a judge or jury will not award any compensation at all. For these reasons, many families choose to settle their claims instead of taking the risk of a trial.


Many clients worry about the cost of hiring a birth injury attorney. However, top lawyers usually offer free initial consultations and work on contingency basis, meaning they get paid only when they win compensation for their clients. They will also advance the costs of litigation, such as expert fees. In addition, they will only charge a small percentage of the award for legal fees, which is an excellent arrangement for families who are dealing with the financial consequences of medical negligence.

Choosing an experienced attorney is crucial for a successful lawsuit. A lawyer who regularly handles birth injury cases will be familiar with the particulars of these claims, including proving liability and quantifying damages. Having knowledge of the unique needs of those injured by birth injuries can also help an attorney negotiate with medical malpractice insurance companies. A good birth injury lawyer will know how to spot lowball offers and delay tactics, and can effectively counter them with evidence of the harm caused by the malpractice.

It is common for most medical malpractice claims to settle rather than go to trial. This is especially true for birth injury claims, which often generate jury sympathy and result in high verdicts against doctors. However, a settlement will not undo the damage that was done by the doctor’s negligence, and may not cover all of your family’s expenses.

A good birth injury attorney will carefully examine the evidence in the case, and will consult with medical experts to determine an appropriate amount for damages. Depending on the type of injury, this may include past and future medical expenses, loss of income, emotional distress and physical hardship. A good attorney will also be familiar with New York’s Medical Indemnity Fund, which can reimburse some of the cost of care.

It’s important to remember that once you accept a settlement, you will no longer be eligible to pursue your claim in court. Therefore, it is always best to hire an experienced New York birth injury lawyer as soon as possible. You can find a qualified lawyer through a referral service or by checking out their website for details about the firm’s credentials and experience in handling birth injury cases.

Time frame

When your child suffers a birth injury, it can change their lives forever. They can be left with disabilities, permanent injuries, or death. This is especially true if medical negligence caused the injury. To recover the damages you deserve, you need a skilled and experienced birth injury attorney to help you win compensation for your child’s losses.

A lawyer will begin with a consultation and case review to assess your claim and determine whether it is valid. Then they will start preparing the evidence, including reviewing medical records and hiring expert witnesses to analyze them.

Once they have the necessary information, they will file a lawsuit against the doctors and hospital responsible for your child’s injuries. They will also file a demand package, which includes medical and financial documents. After the doctor or hospital receives the demand, they may respond with a counteroffer. If they do not, your lawyer will negotiate with the insurers to reach a settlement. Injury lawyers know how to navigate the pressure tactics insurers use to minimize settlements.

In many cases, the hospital or doctor will agree to settle, because they do not want the lawsuit to go to trial. This saves them time, money and the risk of a bad verdict. However, some claims cannot be settled and must go to trial. In this situation, an injury attorney will work with medical and financial experts to calculate the appropriate amount of damages for your child’s losses.

During this process, the attorneys will exchange information and witness testimony through written questions called interrogatories and depositions. Then they will present the evidence to a jury. They will also prepare their closing arguments. In some cases, the plaintiffs and defendants may opt for mediation.

A successful birth injury lawsuit can result in substantial monetary awards for your child’s medical care, lost income, and other expenses. However, the timeline for a medical malpractice lawsuit varies depending on the complexity of your case and how fast you can get evidence to support your claim. A good birth injury attorney can help you find and use the right evidence in a timely manner.