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The updated Sailing Instructions for the modified 2017 Steeplechase are now available for download on the Steeplechase page at


Highlights from Sailing Instructions


Day One, Saturday

  • 08:00 to 9:00, December 9th. 2017 or earlier.  Registration:  Online, by deadline, or additional boats at the starting site, UKSC.
  • 09:00, December 9, 2017, A competitors meeting will be held at UKSC, In the area boats are being readied for sailing.
  • 10:00 AM, December 9th, 2017.  Start day one course.
  • Early Saturday evening, A planned meal of Tacos at the UKSC cost by each approximately $12-$15 per person.

Day Two, Sunday

  • 10:00 AM December 10th, 2017.  Start day two course.
  • Awards: as soon as practical after all boats are finished on the second day.


This Race will start both days at the Upper Keys Sailing Club (UKSC), off the short pier/deck and start line identified off shore.  The following course will provide the Rick White legendary steeplechase concept through the mangrove islands bayside in the Florida Keys. 

  • Day One Course: Start at UKSC, at 10AM, Saturday December 9, 2017, and proceed along the Intercoastal Water Way (ICW) South east to ICW marker 91, reverse course after passing Marker 91, returning to the UKSC.  Total Distance = 38 Miles.   The course may be as selected, except the turning marks and start finish line, at the skipper’s preference.
  • Day two Course: Start at 10:00AM on December 10 at UKSC and proceed along ICW to Barnes Sound Bridge, 15 miles, go through the bridge turn around and return to the UKSC.   Total distance 30 miles.  The course may be selected, except the turning marks, at the skipper’s preference. Total Race = 68 miles in two days.

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