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The Rick White Memorial Steeplechase, December 9-10, 2017


Notice of Racing,

This Proposed Rick White Memorial Steeplechase Race, after Maria, “this year (2017) only”. 

This race will be run by SSPUSA as organizing authority in accordance with Rick White family agreement in 2016.  We will return to the original race concept in 2018, conditions permitting.  This year’s Steeplechase Race will be provided ONLY if there are a minimum of 8 paid registrations by November 17, 2017.  Otherwise the race shall be postponed until December 2018.  If the race is postponed, all fees collected shall be held in abeyance until the race can be run again in 2018; and the fee rates may change for the postponed race.  All legendary trophies of the original concept were destroyed by the hurricane.  SSPUSA will develop a new perpetual trophy for racing in 2018, reminiscent of the earlier trophy.  The fee for registration and racing this year will be $30. Trophies will be proved for the first three places.  Early Registrations may be made through the website at SSPUSA.com and fees paid by the Stripe system.    Fees will pay for trophies and insurance coasts.

The warning signal shall be a red Flag and posted no earlier than 9:55, December 9th, 2017.

Racing will be conducted under the US Sailing racing rule of Sailing (RRS).  The SI will elaborate on any rules changes required.

This Race will start both days at the Upper Keys Sailing Club (UKSC), off the short pier and start line marker off shore.  The following course will provide the steeplechase concept through the mangrove islands bayside in the Florida Keys.

Day One Course:  Start at UKSC, at 10AM, Saturday December 9, 2017, and proceed along the Intercoastal Water Way (ICW) South east to ICM marker 91, reverse course after passing Marker 91, returning to the UKSC.  Total Distance = 38 Miles.

Day two Course:  Start at 10:00AM on December 10 at UKSC and proceed along ICW to Barnes Sound Bridge, go through the bridge and return to the UKSC, total distance 30+ miles.  Total Race = 68 miles in two days.

Saturday Meals provided at UKSC for $15 per person, collected at final registration at the UKSC at 8-9AM, December 9th, 2017.

All Catamarans of 16-22 feet are eligible to enter The Rich White Memorial Steeplechase Race of 2017.  All sailors shall be required to wear a coastguard PFD and carry enough water or satisfactory beverage for the time expected to be sailing.  All sailors will be required to certify their ability to right and over turned boat.

The rating system used to determine scoring shall be the Small Catamaran Handicap Rating System (SCHRS).  Race scoring will be a total of corrected time for both legs and will be by SCHRS handicapped times. The latest official SCHRS list will be used for ratings.  A registered boat not on the official list will receive an assigned rating, which may be suggested and discussed with the PRO any time before the first skippers meeting, at phone 321 544 1512, or by email at wggreen08@cfl.rr.com .

Hotels are limited but available, but each crew will be responsible to acquire their own accommodations.