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All the boats made it off the beach in building surf and the strongest winds yet.

We now have all Five Nacra Carbon 20’s racing as the Dutch Rockerz team has finally joined the party. The boys from The Netherlands should be right at home in the stronger conditions, lets see what they can do.

And can Key Sailing One get by Key Sailing Two who is now in first place?

For the ground crew and organizers I predict a serious challenge to beat the teams to the finish at South Beach Park in Vero Beach, Florida. It’s about 76 miles driving but probably about 55 miles for the boats on the water and they will be moving fast, and with a head start.

See you in Vero Beach, come down to the park and say hello.

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  • Sue

    says on:
    May 4, 2017 at 5:14 pm

    Nice to see you all back in Palm Beach Shores!!!

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