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2017 Florida 300 Daytona Beach Finsih with Five boats.

Video: Amazing Five Boat Finish At Daytona Beach

After Team Key Sailing 2 with Todd Ricardi and Dalton Tebo finished first at Daytona beach and won the 2017 Florida 300, five more boats finished in a group. After six hours of hard racing in conditions that all teams described as some of the hardest conditions they have ever sailed in around Cape Canaveral, it came down to who could drag there boats across the line and who would work the hardest in the last moments in the surf.

The rules for the Florida 300 allow both paddling and help by one ground crew to get across the line in the surf.

Finishing in this pack (not in order) are Key Sailing 1 with Tom Whitehurst and Wes Cramer (substituting for Kirk Newkirk), Tavernier Creek Marina with Steve Lohmeyer and Jay Sonneklar, Dutch Rockerz with Bob Hensen and Douwe Monsma, Buoy 44 with Brian Lambert and Will Rottgering, and Coastal Chaos with Ralph and Patrick Cole.